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Pelvic Girdle Pain

PELVIC GIRDLE PAIN IN PREGNANCY & POSTPARTUM By Lisa Toth / September 2018 This blog discusses what PGP is, what causes discomfort in the pelvic region in pregnancy and possible ways to actively manage PGP symptoms. I will also discuss implications for your daily routines, and yoga practices to support you in your pregnancy. The pelvic girdle , a basin shaped cavity, is a bony ring between the movable vertebrae of the vertebral column which it supports, and the lower limbs that it rests on. It contains and protects the bladder, rectum and internal reproductive organs. It is formed of 4 bones;  the two innominate bones (consisting of: illium, ischium, symphysis pubis) the coccyx and sacrum. The primary function of the pelvic girdle is to allow for movement such as walking and running, it’s a bridge between upper and lower body and incredibly strong. In addition to the functions described, your pelvis is also the bony base and outlet of your trunk th

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